"Chill an mellow. Really down to earth ppl. Staff always willing to help out. My son loves it. Says it's a definite go to skate park. Will make the hr trip from home to go back as we have nothing anywhere near us to compare! "

Savannah Tomsen

Oso Skate Park 2017-2021 


What Customers Say About Us

Oso Skate Park will not be able to move to the new location. We tried really hard to make it work, but financially  and contractually things didn't work out. The ramps are being stored until we can make a further decision.  We want to thank everyone that helped us along the way. The last three years have been amazing. We have so many great memories with the community that helped us grow our first space . It started out as a skatepark, but became so much more. It was truly an unforgettable experience. We will be contacting everyone that helped donate and pre-purchase camp/passes for refunds. 




"Friendly staff and an awesome park. Always making new friends everytime I go. Also they do a food drive the second Saturday of every month and make sandwiches for the homeless! Oso skatenpark is doing big things for the community."

​Darien Steege